Here’s where I publish all of my ideas. All of these are free for the taking, no holds barred.

  1. heated honey dispenser
  2. single serving honey pills, like a fish oil pill with a dissoluble capsule
  3. coffee mug glove
  4. plate with pins and tire tread that can hold my steak while I cut it.
  5. mattress made out of packaging (bubble wrap, etc)
  6. bed with massager built in
  7. salad dressing dispensing fork for the perfect amount of salad dressing
  8. soup spoon attached to a straw – no slurping
  9. rocket pack that kicks in when you tip past a certain point to help correct for a fall
  10. fluid filled nails – you can replace the fluid to change the color of your nails
  11. bread slice loaves – the size of a slice but all crust
  12. automatic knife sharpener
  13. dish scrubber
  14. 3d printed mash potatoes
  15. rigid collapsible ear buds wires
  16. Segway skateboard
  17. coffee roaster-blender-brewer all in one
  18. clothes dryer/food dehydrator combo
  19. paper cutter for cheese/bread/etc
  20. guillotine paper cutter
  21. fruit shaped water balloons
  22. powder flavorings – like powder sugar but for salt and pepper and other things
  23. egg cutter opener – like glass cutter
  24. portable egg boiler
  25. hand warmer cookers
  26. Belt ideas: chain link belt, fish scale belt, CVT belt, Chinese finger trap belt
  27. Mitten mouse
  28. X-ray for food on Halloween for hidden razors and such
  29. knuckle popper, back cracker
  30. roof farms
  31. headphones that go under your chin instead of over your head
  32. watch sewn into a wrist sweat band
  33. A countdown clock attached to a locked food container for dieters to remove temptation
  34. A countdown clock attached to a fridge for the same reason
  35. trajectory projection of body image. -I was at Disney world one time where it could project how my face would look in 60 years. I want a projection of my body of 10 years based on what I ate in a single day. it will fluctuate wildly but when I see the stark contrast of exaggerated consequences it will be easier to choose not to eat the extra donut.
  36. Airbnb for weight lifting, so you can borrow weights. It’s not economical to buy a whole set, and as you move up in weight, you don’t need the lower ones any more
  37. Bracelet that lists current medication and dog tags that list family medical history. An elderly patient on ED medication who lies about it (or forgets), and needs blood pressure medication, can easily be given the wrong dosage by a well meaning doctor who didn’t get the memo.
  38. Captain America Shield shaped cuff-links
  39. Lava lamp made from a liquor bottle
  40. A class that teaches you everything you need to know about how to pass the drug test
  41. A portable bluetooth speaker combined with a e-cigarette
  42. LARP clothing and equipment rental- allows players to upgrade their gear immediately and not worry about inventory management, or having to buy and sell gear as it become obsolete.
  43. Selling Gatorade at soccer parks via ice cream cart
  44. Hair scrunchy dispenser
  45. Bobby pin dispenser, you only need one at a time.
  46. Ear bud dispenser at library/ Starbucks
  47. Desk size coffee machine for  cappuccinos and lattes. Keurigs are great, but they don’t make the fancy coffees with milk and sugar.
  48. P2P ads for podcasters, give a shout out to each other. Or the big ones pay the small ones for a shout out.
  49. Ad agency for small time podcasters and local business
  50. Desktop video conference studio. They can set up a light cube for photos, they should be able to set one up for quick skype calls.
  51. Rent-a-charger for laptops and phones at starbucks
  52. Rent-a-blanket for movie theaters
  53. Keurig for the car, especially Ubers
  54. Puff up, inflatable jacket, for variable insulation.
  55. Daily pill dispenser on a ring.
  56. Website where everyone can share stories about how they fell victim to various biases
  57. Journal of Science that covers exclusively bad science. Scientists do a “Mythbusters” style set of experiments to falsify or validate previous results. The back page of the publication will be a ranked list of top offending scientists as well as a bar chart of “number of false claims” by various other scientific journals. It will use embarrassment to encourage scientists to make sure their results are valid.
  58. Biases applied to everyday life: blog, vlog, podcast about personal experiences of falling pray to faulty thinking
  59. Mario box, but with a fortune inside and you leave it for the next person
  60. Interview podcast – a podcast where a person is interviewed for a job, and then they dissect what went well and what didn’t
  61. Old people need a way to log into their email accounts and remembering new passwords is hard. What they need is a physical object that will type a password either with a physical door key, credit card or some form of RFID chip
  62. App idea  – Enter into a bet with colleges, wager real money, then the money gets distributed to winners. I envision it as a competition for weight loss.
  63. Coffee in a can
  64. Pill container in Pez format. Snap fit lids are hard to use on existing pill containers, especially for people with weak muscles.
  65. Electronic pill dispenser- pour in pills in their assigned hopper, and the machine will dispense the right amount on the right day
  66. Inflatable billiard balls for the pool (pool balls, get it?)
  67. 3D printed Christmas ornaments
  68. 3D printing glove
  69. Instant soup in a can
  70. Jacket/ sweater/ dress shirt with microphone built in for hands free calling
  71. Gift wrapping paper cutter- it either looks like a tape dispenser, or it clamps on the sheet and you pull the blade across
  72. Cloud interpretation app- take face matching software and apply it to clouds and objects
  73. Dentist / doctor’s office that gives complementary weed to all patients in the waiting room or about to get in the dentist’s chair.
  74. A mug with a removable compartment with a mesh for loose leaf tea
  75. Fingernail dryer for painted nails.
  76. Tape dispenser with a scissor cutting mechanism to get a clean cut each time, no pulling and stretching required
  77. Scissor stapler -this is the most ergonomic, mechanically advantageous design for a stapler
  78. Spring loaded matches -ensure you get right amount of contact and friction with each pull
  79. Magnet adapter for shirt pins -lots of cool pins require putting holes in your shirt, they need an adapter to let you use your pins without needing the hole
  80. 3D printed figurines for D&D and Warhammer
  81. Sausage Filament – put all unwanted 3D printed extras (skirts, brims, rafts, failed prints) into a filament extruder, mix the colors. Lots of hobbyists make their own filament from reclaimed bits, but they keep their colors separated. Mixing the colors will give a nice calico theme to future prints.
  82. 3D printed low-poly pokemon
  83. 3D printed chess sets
  84. Airplanes but instead of seats, they have hammocks. Cram three times as many people in there. Fly from JFK to LAX for $50 each way.
  85. Airplanes but the cabin is removable. Everyone gets seated in the boarding area and a crane places the cabin on the plane.
  86. Inkless printers. A laser cutter turned down to minimum power burns the paper into words.
  87. Food safe silicon, clear, water bag for campers to bring instead of a water bottle. It’s collapsible and lighter weight than a nalgene
  88. 3D printer with dual heads, 1 makes a shell structure, 1 fills it with expanding foam. It should be faster than traditional FDM printing.
  89. 3D printer with a very slight acetone mist for better ABS adhesion
  90. 3D printing with solder for metal 3D prints
  91. 3D printing with MIG welding
  92. 3D print with molten aluminum
  93. 3D print with gallium
  94. 3D pint with Magic Sand
  95. 3D print with hot glue
  96. 3D print with water dripping on flour, and heat to evaporate it, leaving a structure behind.
  97. 3D printer + Acetone vapor chamber all in one.
  98. Screw style internal threads for feeding filament
  99. Adjustable nozzle for 3D printer
  100. Painting with a Joint- It’s like those “drink wine and paint” events, but with weed. Also available are poetry readings, TED talks, Philosophical lectures, and trippy TV shows like Rick and Morty or Adventure time.
  101. Book club for nerds. $1/mo for membership. Free copies of fantasy and sci-fi books, free digital copies, free fantasy and sci-fi movies. Host a miniature Comic Con monthly. Have themed events for Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Dungeons and dragons. Sell tons of merch retail. Bring the tribe together, and then be the one stop shop for foam swords.
  102. Gym Jam- It’s like a gym, but for instruments. You pay a monthly fee, you can check out instruments and get free studio time. Each studio has a sign on the outside which you can flip between: “Open” “Private” and “Join me!” Bring your own mic and camera or rent one of ours.
  103. Cat meme a day- an email subscription service that emails you one cat meme every day to make you smile.
  104. 25 way Rock Paper Scissors the card game- imagine “War” plus Uno
  105. CNC airbrush painter
  106. CNC etch a sketch
  107. Desktop sandblaster
  108. Wizard dueling- physical wands that are motion and voice activated, infrared LEDs shoot the spell (like a remote control). The 3 spells are attack, defend, and reload
  109. Facebook for stock traders – I want to see what my friends are buying and selling and I want friend suggestions based on other people in my network buying and selling the same things
  110. Facebook clone, except instead of the content getting promoted based on how popular it is, it gets promoted based on how active the user is. If users like, comment, and share other people’s stuff, then when they eventually post, their content gets promoted more
  111. Facebook + IMDB for musicians – a way to coordinate musicians to coordinate jam sessions and formalize bands
  112. Gyms need an app with a “friends” feature to coordinate going with friends
  113. Gym where you get a discount for accomplishing your goal (within reason, the goal has to be approved)
  114. Networking Cafe – you register and set up a tab with the cafe, then invite people to coffee, and it goes on your tab. When you want to get connected with someone on linkedin, you offer to take them there. The reason more connections don’t get made, is because there’s no benefit for people higher up to meet with people lower. A gift of coffee is a decent enough reason. Plus the cafe makes suggestions like a match maker.
  115. Restaurant that rewards you for sticking to your diet (low cal, vegetarian, low carb) you register your diet and profile and get points
  116. Group rate for gyms. If you sign up 1 other person at the same time, you both get a 20% discount. People who sign up together will encourage each other to go.
  117. Restaurant reward system – 3 big red buttons, if all three are pressed down by 3 separate people, it prints out 3 coupons for next time. It forces people to talk to strangers, make a memory, and confirm and gain consensus in their belief that the food was good.
  118. Starbucks should have coffee tastings during slow times. Coffee makes you happy and you will associate positive memories with a location and unique flavors. Plus you can meet fellow coffee lovers.
  119. A coffee maker that you can set up for a month. My coffee maker is programmable, but I still have to refill it daily.
  120. Udemy except instead of being paid for people taking your class, you get credits that you can spend on other people’s classes.
  121. D&D picture book. Hire starving artists and get images of every single item in D&D and publish it. The art is the best part of the rule book, so we should have a book of just art.