August 2018 Report

When I got to land, I kissed the ground. It’s incredible how hard I worked to get here, only to desperately want to get away. I remember a year and a half ago wanting to be a bartender on a cruise ship. Now I want nothing to do with either industry. The cruise ship wasn’t all bad. I like to say it, “sucks butt”. It sucks, but, I met some incredible people with career arcs weirder than mine. Ship life sucks, but, I got to be on the volunteer fire department and we established a little family. Living on the ship sucks, but, I saw the most unspeakably beautiful beaches. I’ll have a separate post ranting and raving out my experience.


  • I survived
  • Flew from Hawaii!
  • There’s no limit to how hard you can work, but a very definite limit on how much you can earn.
  • I poured blood, sweat, and goat entrails into the ritual that granted me divine permission to join this ship. By the 3rd month, I was praying to the same goat-god for freedom. I’ve come to the conclusion that humans desire stuff. Just because I want something, doesn’t mean I should want it. But also, it’s entirely unclear what it is I should want. I can’t win, so I call it a tie.
  • I can verify first hand that humans white wash memories to convince themselves that they made a good decision. Working on the ship was grueling. After 1 week of total relaxation, I feel like the maybe it wasn’t so bad after all.
Looking ahead

Honestly, unemployment is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. I’m going to travel, read, write, meditate, exercise, repeat. September is going to be my re-birth month.

One thought on “August 2018 Report

  1. What insight you wrote on your blog !!! I applaud you for working on the cruise ship. If you had not, you would had always wondered. I got a chuckle reading the comic strip. Keep writing and I’ll keep reading.

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