Assume they like you (and then they will)

I read this post about dating but I want to extrapolate it further:

The idea is that if a girl shows interest in you, you don’t need to stress out about impressing her. She’s already at least a little impressed. The first step is already done. It’s automatic. It’s passive. It’s the culmination of looks and swagger up to this point.

Really this applies to most of life. In sales, if someone has submitted their contact information to your website, don’t stress out about sending them the perfect email. They already told you through their actions that they want what you have.

In blogging, if someone is on your website, don’t stress out about writing the perfect blog post. They’re on the website because they want to read what’s already there.

You should stress out a little about having the best looking website you can, in advanced. Put all of the work upfront, then you don’t have to worry about it downstream. Don’t worry about the re-action, focus on the action.

What’s attractive in dating, sales, and blogging, is confidence. People have their own questions in life, they don’t want to be forced to come up with answers. They’re coming to you for the answers. Confidence lends credibility. Be confident, and people will continue to come to you for help.