Poker, The Stock Market, And the Greatest Con of All Time

I figured out the stock market. It’s all one big theater play. One big con. In order to explain, I’d like to go on a wide tangent about the game of No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em. It’s relevant. I promise. Believe me? Mmmm excellent. No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em The rules of poker are deceptivelyContinue reading “Poker, The Stock Market, And the Greatest Con of All Time”

Hold up, Multi-arm Bandits?

In my vast expeditions into the depths of Wikipedia, I stumbled on the idea of Multi-arm Bandits. It taught me everything I need to know about how to make better decisions in the face of uncertainty.  One-arm Bandits, otherwise known as slot machines, have negative expected value. If you take the sum of eachContinue reading “Hold up, Multi-arm Bandits?”

Iocane Powder, The Stock Market, and the Meaning of Life

I’ve decided to include “The Meaning of Life” in the title of every blog post from now on. Honestly, what’s the point of life if you’re not going to discuss the meaning of life? Iocane Powder There’s a scene in the movie “The Princess Bride” where the protagonist, Wesley, offers his foe, Vizzini, a battleContinue reading “Iocane Powder, The Stock Market, and the Meaning of Life”

Kids These Days Don’t Want to Work (Duh)

Kids these days, I tell ya. They just don’t want to work. I hear it all the time for the older generation in my office. I can’t help but think, “Yeah, duh!” We’re more affluent The older generation has worked really hard. I can only assume it’s because they wanted to create a better worldContinue reading “Kids These Days Don’t Want to Work (Duh)”

How to pay 0% taxes (in retirement)

I just finished a book called, “The Power of Zero,” by David McKnight. I liked what it had to say and I want to share the highlights here.  Disclaimer: I am not a CPA, nor is David McKnight. I am not liable for anything. There are three “buckets,” or places to stash your nest egg. Continue reading “How to pay 0% taxes (in retirement)”

Life is A Canvas and I’m Drawing A Map

I wasn’t born with a map. I don’t know what I’m doing. I recently made a “very interesting decision.” It was a “unique experience.” I’m thankful for the opportunity and I’m looking forward to the next chance to try again. I know what I’ll do in the future, and it wasn’t that. The time isContinue reading “Life is A Canvas and I’m Drawing A Map”

Broken cars and broken hearts [short fiction]

Max flipped through the channels. There was nothing good on any of the 200+ channels. He decided to check the fridge to see if there was anything good to each. There wasn’t. “You want anything while I’m up, Babe?” he asked. “Nah, I’m good. Hey, it’s Saturday night. Do you want to go out?” repliedContinue reading “Broken cars and broken hearts [short fiction]”

The Inevitable Disruption of the Logistics Industry

I have meditated on this long on hard. I have tried to convince myself otherwise. Despite my best efforts, I believe resolutely that the logistics industry will be disrupted in the next 20 years. When I look at the series of industries that have been disrupted by software/technology, I see a pattern. The industries thatContinue reading “The Inevitable Disruption of the Logistics Industry”

Shark Teeth Island Escape [short fiction]

The holes were still moist. indicating they were recent. Captain Riggs paced the yellow sand beach. He navigated the holes, five feet deep and five feet wide, pockmarking the beachscape and made his way to a particularly deep and wide crater. There was nothing to see now, but judging by the bloody body parts scatteredContinue reading “Shark Teeth Island Escape [short fiction]”

The Future of Logistics

After working in logistics for a whopping seven months, it’s safe to consider me an expert in the field. Based on my extensive experience, I feel confident in giving my predictions for the future. Logistics has a problem within the field with differentiating the players. Freight is freight. The only real distinguishing factor is theContinue reading “The Future of Logistics”

Multi-verse Theories verse Multiple Theories

I read a blog called Slate Star Codex, and the most recent post is about “Is a multiple universe theory scientific?”   On the one hand, there’s no evidence. This leads people to say it’s not scientific. On the other hand, a single universe theory doesn’t explain everything and a multi-verse theory explains more.Continue reading “Multi-verse Theories verse Multiple Theories”

Set Thrusters to Full Power

“Set thrusters to full power” “Sir? There’s not enough fuel-” “I said do it! That’s an order.” The command room fell silent, as silent as space itself. The Lieutenant Miaga looked at Commander Frig. Commander Frig looked at Navigator Pezco. None of them moved. “Aye sir,” said Commander Frig demurely. He touched his Tella deviceContinue reading “Set Thrusters to Full Power”

September & October 2019 Report

Time flies when you get older. Speaking of which, I got older. Yay! After working at Mainfreight for six months, I’d like to share what the heck I do all day. I started working with our Canada shipments. For Mainfreight, all of our US shipments going to Canada must go through our Chicago branch toContinue reading “September & October 2019 Report”

The Last Airbender: Review

I watched the movie, “The Last Airbender.” It was terrible. Don’t watch it. “The Last Airbender” is a movie by M. Night Shyamalan based on a TV show called, “Avatar: The Last Airbender.” They retitled the movie to avoid confusion with the James Cameron movie. It’s a shame that of all of the shows toContinue reading “The Last Airbender: Review”

The Stocks, The Market and Everything

I’ve embarked on a perilous journey, to understand the stock market and reap what knowledge might be gleaned from raw experience and the ancient tomes. So far, not so good. Just as I expected, there are directly conflicting theories and no conclusive results. One of my favorite cartoons is BoJack Horseman. In the cartoon, there’sContinue reading “The Stocks, The Market and Everything”

Everything I Learned about Writing A Book (By Writing A Book)

In case you weren’t on this planet when I announced it previously, I wrote a book. Check it out here for free: Buy it on Amazon for money: Writing a book is hard Writing a book is really freaking hard. It’s in the top 5 hardest things I’ve ever done in my life.Continue reading “Everything I Learned about Writing A Book (By Writing A Book)”

Why I’m Libertarian

Let me preface this article by saying that most people’s beliefs are heavily influenced by the people they hang around with, and their exposure to different ideas. I couldn’t be a libertarian until I knew what libertarianism was, and I would certainly be something else if I discovered something better. Ultimately, it comes down toContinue reading “Why I’m Libertarian”

The Elizabeth Holmes In All of Us

There is a big scandal surrounding the start-up Thermos and its founder, Elizabeth Holmes Her actions are indeed despicable. However I want to look at an aspect of her that was admirable. Life is hard. Things have to be done all the time, and it can be unclear whether we’re qualified for the tasksContinue reading “The Elizabeth Holmes In All of Us”

IM MOVING TO JAPAN! March 2019 Report

April fools! Hahaha I couldn’t resist. My full-time job is to look for a job. I’m finishing up a month and a half in this position. Frankly, I’m not seeing the results I promised myself when I hired myself for this job. Unfortunately, based on what I’ve seen, and the competitiveness of the market, I’mContinue reading “IM MOVING TO JAPAN! March 2019 Report”

Why Tipping is Terrible

The system of tipping servers in the United States is terrible. It’s glaringly, obviously, bad. Servers are employees, and should be compensated like any employee, with an hourly or annual rate. There’s no reason to add randomness into the equation. We don’t tip cashiers or janitors. It’s possible that the tipping system might encourage serversContinue reading “Why Tipping is Terrible”

An Anarchist Approach to Global Climate Change

There are some solutions to Global Climate Change which are painfully obvious to an outside observer. I feel like the kid pointing out the emperor has no clothes. Here are three suggestions on how to fix the US’ contribution to Global Climate Change Stop subsidizing cars and roads. Stop bailing out car companies. Stop fundingContinue reading “An Anarchist Approach to Global Climate Change”

Skyrim game review

I recently had the pure pleasure of playing an epic fantasy game called, “Skyrim.” In the world of Skyrim, you’re the chosen one who has to save the world from an infestation of dragons, while defending yourself from assassins, manipulative wizards, and blood thirsty bandits. The good Huge It’s huge. It’s expansive. There are likeContinue reading “Skyrim game review”

The Anti-Coffee Snob Guide to Espresso

Intro This guide is intended to answer all of your questions about espresso, but were too afraid of sounding like dumb to ask. Espresso beans I bought a package of “Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans.” I thought to myself, “Surely there are no such things as “Espresso beans.” I’ve been to a coffee farm, with coffeeContinue reading “The Anti-Coffee Snob Guide to Espresso”

All this time

“‘Morning Bill75875” said Bill75876. “Morning Bill75876” said Bill75875. Bill75875 and Bill75876 considered each other brothers, although they were no more brothers to each other than they were to Bill54656 or Bill245243, not even Bill1 or Bill0. It just so happened, by pure coincidence, that two consecutive Bills were placed in the same Work_pod. Their representativeContinue reading “All this time”

Master Thief

“Halt! Who goes there? We got orders to kill anyone that get close and don’t identify themself.” “It is I, Boton Fairchild. I mean no harm.” “I never heard of no Fairchild. The gate is closed to outsiders after sundown unless yur a noble. Since ya’in’t a noble, you can come back in the morning.” “How do you know I’m not a noble?” “Cus noblesContinue reading “Master Thief”

A Libertarian With Too Much Freedom

Too much freedom? I never though I’d hear myself say those words. In the book “The Art of Choosing” the author tells us about her parents’ arranged marriage. For a long time, I considered arranged marriages to be a form of slavery. Except, as far as I can tell, it is voluntary. The  participants actually want it that way.Continue reading “A Libertarian With Too Much Freedom”

Hand On The Stove Level of Stupid

I’m listening to this audiobook called “The Art of Choosing” which has radically altered my world view. Everyone has some need for individualism, and some need for community. There’s one part of our brain which wants us avoid being outcast from the tribe, and there’s another which insists that we refuse to walk off aContinue reading “Hand On The Stove Level of Stupid”

What am I doing with my life? (Ship life FAQ)

What have I become?!? The answer is that I have become a bus boy on a cruise ship. Most people say, “Wait, what?” Today I will answer as many of your questions as I can. I’m learning as I go because unfortunately, none of the information is in one place. Many of the administrators whoContinue reading “What am I doing with my life? (Ship life FAQ)”

Labor theory of value of hot koolaid

First watch this absurd and slightly humorous video: The support character in this skit (Julian) is a good representation how I view socialists, particularly Marxists. Marx had this kookie idea called the “Labor Theory of Value.” He posited that the economic value of a products is derived from the amount of labor that goes intoContinue reading “Labor theory of value of hot koolaid”

Fitness advice: Don’t get broiled

If there’s one thing I’ve learned on my fitness journey, it’s that slow and steady always beats fast and jerky. Increasing by 5 pounds a week for 10 weeks is better than 25 pounds in 2 weeks. It’s the same when it comes to cooking. You don’t broil a 25lb turkey. You cook it lowContinue reading “Fitness advice: Don’t get broiled”

Doctors, Car salesmen, and Asymmetrical Information

Most interactions can be boiled down to two people, either trying to cooperate or manipulate (aka defect). When each person has a nearly equal amount of information about the other, then it’s hard to defect. It might work once or twice, but eventually the other person will learn from their mistakes. Fool me once andContinue reading “Doctors, Car salesmen, and Asymmetrical Information”

Hawaii goers and everyone else

There are two kinds of people in the world. When I tell people that I’m going to Hawaii, I get two responses. “Oh wow! That’s awesome! You’re gonna have a great time” “Yeah but what about your engineering degree?” To the first people I say, “Thanks! I’m super excited.” To the second people I say,Continue reading “Hawaii goers and everyone else”

Why I’m (Slowly) Giving up Alcohol

I’m slowly giving up alcohol. It’s not about feeling superior, or a principal, or risk of addiction. I simply don’t like alcohol. What’s the best part of a mimosa? The orange juice. Jack and Coke? The Coke. They sell a beer called a Vanilla Java Porter and it does sound delicious, until I realize thatContinue reading “Why I’m (Slowly) Giving up Alcohol”

Things Would Be Different, If Only Things Were Different

I catch myself thinking, “If only I had X, then I would do Y”. Ah ah ah! Not so fast. I quickly realize that I already have what I need to do Y. For example, I often think, “If only I had a weight belt, I could burn more calories when I run.” Except thatContinue reading “Things Would Be Different, If Only Things Were Different”

How to Make the Tops (Onshape Tutorial)

Being the Onshape Master and Engineer that I am, I wanted to create the best possible spinning top. The fundamental principal of a spinning top is the moment of inertia. To keep a top going and going, you need a high concentration of mass far from the axis of rotation. Essentially, I’m looking for theContinue reading “How to Make the Tops (Onshape Tutorial)”

To Be Smarter, Do Smarter Things

When it comes to intelligence, I think about two aspects. There’s horse power and there’s acceleration. Some people, by nature, are smarter or more intuitive than others. Some people just apply their focus more sharply. I know really smart people who couldn’t win a chess game to save their lives, and chess masters who can’tContinue reading “To Be Smarter, Do Smarter Things”

Why It’s So Hard to Talk About Race

When something is wrong, the best way to make it worse is to not talk about it. This is the unfortunate position we find ourselves in with race. Not only are things wrong, they’re hard to discuss. What is justice? When we try to discuss what’s wrong in relation to race, new phrases are inventedContinue reading “Why It’s So Hard to Talk About Race”

I’m an Aether Atheist Too

Since unsubscribing from the belief in god, I’ve been accused of being both an atheist and an agnostic. If I tell people I don’t believe in god, they’ll ask how confident I am in my atheism. When I say I’m not confident, they say, “Well if you’re not sure, then surely you’re agnostic.” Only recentlyContinue reading “I’m an Aether Atheist Too”

Why didn’t I learn how to write checks in school?

I’ve heard many twenty-somethings complain that they never learned any useful skills in school. The reason for that is simple. School was not meant to teach you useful skills. At best, school is meant to convince you that you need more school. At worst, it’s a daycare. At mediumest, it is meant to prevent independentContinue reading “Why didn’t I learn how to write checks in school?”

What’s the point of philosophy if all you get is tons of money, babes, admiration, legacy, exquisite food, and fine wine?

I heard a story. I don’t know if it’s true. Someone asked Socrates, “what’s the point of philosophy? Why waste your time asking frivolous questions?” Socrates responded, “Ok, what should we do instead?”. It’s funny because asking ‘Why ask frivolous questions?’ is philosophical. I’ve always wanted to answer that question, “Why we need philosophy,” inContinue reading “What’s the point of philosophy if all you get is tons of money, babes, admiration, legacy, exquisite food, and fine wine?”

Can Someone Tell Me If I Should Be Offended?

It used to perplex me why it was ok for jews to tell jewish jokes and black people to use the “n-word”. If a word is forbidden, why isn’t it univerally forbidden? It’s the presumption of innocents. It’s the benefit of the doubt. We assume good intentions which allows us to smile. If the intentionsContinue reading “Can Someone Tell Me If I Should Be Offended?”

Rubes Rooking Rubes

The government is comprised mostly of rubes. However, today I want to talk about rubes being rooked. Hoodwinked. Swindled. Robbed. Prayed upon. Everything dirty liberals accuse capitalists of doing. The government owns the lottery where they redistribute money from people who don’t know how to do math, to themselves. Everyday, poor innocent suckers get trickedContinue reading “Rubes Rooking Rubes”

Everything I Learned From the Hunger Games (Updated)

I wanted to repost this article since I had some more thoughts. The Hunger Games trilogy has literally changed my life. I don’t say that lightly. My whole worldview is radically changed since reading them 4 years ago. The lessons I’ve learned have stayed with me until this day Survival is always about more thanContinue reading “Everything I Learned From the Hunger Games (Updated)”

Searching For Aliens and Girlfriends

I heard about and read this funny paper called “Why I Don’t Have a Girlfriend” The idea is novel, apply the Drake equation (the equation for estimating the probability of alien life) to create a realistic estimate of romantic possibilities. Although strange, i thinks it’s actually very insightful to apply probability theory to finding a girlfriend,Continue reading “Searching For Aliens and Girlfriends”

Advice I Wish I Had When I Started Dancing

Don’t apologize for making mistakes. Mistakes are going to happen, a lot, and apologizing is immediately annoying. Never show fear. Women can smell fear from a mile away. Just pretend to be confident. Bounce on the balls of your feet. That’s how you keep yourself in sync with the music, and how you keep herContinue reading “Advice I Wish I Had When I Started Dancing”