The Future of Logistics

After working in logistics for a whopping seven months, it’s safe to consider me an expert in the field. Based on my extensive experience, I feel confident in giving my predictions for the future.

Logistics has a problem within the field with differentiating the players. Freight is freight. The only real distinguishing factor is the price. Some people are willing to pay more to make sure their freight rides on a name-brand freight line. It’s a similar problem that the convenience store field faces. For the most part, every convenience store is interchangeable. Some are a little cleaner but that’s about it.

It’s no secret to Costco members that buying in bulk saves a considerable amount of money. The same concept applies to the field of logistics. It would be expensive to send a single pallet of goods. Customers send their goods to a single location, which sends it in bulk, and passes on the savings back to the customers. Now… do we need 100 brands of Costco?

The answer is painfully obviously “no.” There’s just Costco and Sam’s Club. Now the question is, do we need 100 brands of logistics? I think not. And now for the predictions:

In the next 10 years

  • Purchases, mergers, and joint ventures will continue to rise.
  • Uber Freight will be a main player
  • The Tesla self driving truck will be adopted and used
  • Amazon and/or Walmart will purchase a logistics company.
  • Drones will make small deliveries: maybe beer at a baseball game or water on a beach

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