IM MOVING TO JAPAN! March 2019 Report

April fools! Hahaha I couldn’t resist.

My full-time job is to look for a job. I’m finishing up a month and a half in this position. Frankly, I’m not seeing the results I promised myself when I hired myself for this job. Unfortunately, based on what I’ve seen, and the competitiveness of the market, I’m going to have to let myself go. I wish me luck at my next endeavor.

I don’t believe in mistakes. Everything I’ve done has been instrumental in getting me here. Sometimes you have to take a step backwards, sideways, and then diagonal before you can step forward. I do, however, believe in learning from previous experience. Hind sight is 200:20. I have microscope eyes when I look behind me. If I could do this all again, starting from when I quit my life insurance job. I would start by applying with every recruiter in town. I talked to about one a week. This gave each successive recruiter that much less time to find me a job. When I started, I had more confidence in my ability to find a job on my own.

From now on, I want to think about my career two steps at a time. There’s a balance between over-planning and going with the flow. Since being burned from not planning enough, it’s time to shift the balance to planning more. Something needs to be lined up before I leave the previous job. Selling life insurance was a step backwards. Moving to Chicago happened abruptly. It worked out. It wasn’t a catastrophic failure, but it’s still a failure.

My life has been generously sprinkled with excellent career luck:

  • GKN Driveline
    • Career fair in college
  • Chrysler
    • Recruiter
  • Brainchild Engineering
    • Friend and co-intern from GKN hired me
  • NCL America
    • One interview
  • Symmetry
    • Found them online. No application or interview.

All of those happened with minimal prep, research, interview practice, or networking. Any skills I had in the “Getting a job” field had atrophied by the time I needed them. Now I need them more than ever. I’m working three times as hard and not getting nearly the results I was before. Oh well. I just have to work harder and smarter.

As of today, I have submitted my novel, “Waking From Reality” to the Kindle self-publishing AI to be reviewed. I’ll keep you posted when it gets approved.

  • Books
    • Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling
    • Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld
    • Paper Towns by John Green
    • Your Career Game by Nathan Bennet & Stephen A. Miles
    • Your Favorite Band Cannot Save You by Scotto Moore
    • All You Need Is Kill by Nick Mamatus & Lee Ferguson …(Graphic Novel)
  • Movies
    • Atlantis: The Lost Empire
  • Song of the month
    • My Trigger by Miike Snow
  • Blog posts published
    • 1!
  • Gym
    • 0
  • Diet
    • Disastrous
  • Wrong turns on the crazy Chicago Loop
  • Ended
    • None
  •  Started
    • None
  • Join Toastmasters. I went to one recently and it was a ton of fun. I don’t know why I waited so long to join one. The benefits of speaking well are innumerable!
  • There’s no such thing as mistakes. Everything is practice for the next time.
  • Once is a mistake, twice is a choice, three times is a habit. I was two hours late to an interview. Yikes. Let it be known that I’ll never make that mistake again.
  • I need to learn to lead from my core. The idea of leaning back, away from risk, away from change, away from challenge, is so detestible that I lean all the way forward. I over correct. I’m over eagar and aggressive. On the whole, it’s better to lean forward than backwards, but even better to be centered. Leaning forward has burned me a bit. Not only do I paint myself into corners, I can come off as desperate. When searching for a job, it’s not a huge deal since it’s entirely expected that unemployed people are eagar for a job. It’s less attractive when searching for friends or girlfriends. I have this habit of always keeping my eye on “What’s next?” It’s a good habit for the early stage of my career. At some point in the next two to three years, I’ll need to give that up. I don’t need “an opportunity,” I need “the opportunity.” At that point I don’t need to keep searching, I’ll be able to be satisfied because I’m where I want to be. I’ll get there. One day.

Prediction review

  1. I will go to 10 networking events this month
    1. I went to 13 if you don’t count “fun” events like philosophy meet ups, though all the events I got to are fun
Predictions for Next Month
  1. I will start my new job
  2. I will go to Toastmasters 3 times

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