Hawaii goers and everyone else

There are two kinds of people in the world.
When I tell people that I’m going to Hawaii, I get two responses.

  1. “Oh wow! That’s awesome! You’re gonna have a great time”
  2. “Yeah but what about your engineering degree?”

To the first people I say, “Thanks! I’m super excited.”
To the second people I say, “Just because you have something doesn’t mean you have to use it i.e. your mouth.”

I am not a slave to my previous decisions. It doesn’t matter if my degree was in pre-law, or neuroscience, or sophism. I can do what ever I want going into the future. Most of the time, it makes sense to continue with what I was doing. That doesn’t make it a binding agreement.

There is no aspect of having an engineering degree that will allow you to go to Hawaii. At Chrysler, or most any white collar job, if you are lucky, if you brown nose your boss, if you beg your co-workers to take on your load, then you might be able to get permission to take a week off to frolic on the Hawaiian beaches.

Ultimately I’m not going because it’s Hawaii, I would have gone almost anywhere. These are the reasons I am chasing this windmill:

  1. It’s hard work
    Unfortunately I skipped this step before college. I was handed a golden opportunity and I took it. I went straight for college and then a lucrative engineering job. I was too lucky for my own good. I can tell that I don’t work as hard as my peers. I never had to get a job in high school. I don’t have student debt. I need to learn a good work ethic as part of my life curriculum. I could just get this same job on land, and it would suck, but I think I can still learn the lesson of hard work while on a cruise ship.
  2. It’s the pinnacle of minimalism
    I am a hipster minimalist. I think all these kids who adopt minimalism are just doing it for looks, and not because they actually want to experience living on less. Not like me. I love the idea of being able to move every 3 months. I love being able to fit all of my belongings into my car. How much more minimalist can I get? It turns out, a great deal. I don’t need a car. I never need to cook or store food. I don’t need to buy clothes, food, or pay rent or gym membership. Just the bare necessities.
  3. I want customer experience
    Most people hate customers, but I think they’re alright. Engineering doesn’t provide much customer service, and I’d like a job that provides more. How much? I don’t know. This will be a good way to dip my toe in the warm, blue, water.
  4. I’m moving states
    Soon, very soon, I’ll be moving to New Hampshire. My people need me. I made a promise to a collective (ugh collectives) that I would move by Feb 3, 2021. Instead of moving there now and then working on a cruise ship, I’ll just work on the cruise ship first.
  5. I’m young
    It’s no secret. I’m dying. Very, very slowly. At this rate I’ll be dead by 100. I certainly can’t wait until I’m 65 to start working on a cruise ship. The time to strike is now, while my mind is still taut yet malleable.

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