Hercules Beetle Battle

I was in the Ferocious Forest, looking for exotic flora I could take back to town for a little gold coin. I came to a clearing and decided to rest for a minute. Sitting still, I heard a rustling in the bushes. I unsheathed my two-handed sword, the Fire Iron. I stood silently and crept carefully forward.
Boom! The tall grasses parted in a flurry of pollen as a giant beetle burst through. It was at least twice as tall as a man and ten times as fearsome. It swung its head in my direction and made an angry huffing sound. Without wasting any time for formal introductions, I charged, Fire Iron flailing above me. The beetle’s massive pincer pounded into the ground only feet in front of me. It was unlike any beetle I’d ever faced. Instead of horizontal pincers, it had one giant top pincer and one slightly smaller on the bottom. Both showed a row of sharp points that resembled teeth. The mouth was lower, though, below the bottom horn between the eyes. I didn’t slow my charge as the beetle’s pincer gored the earth. I sped up and wound my sword up on my right. releasing at just the right time I connected hard with the front horn. Dong! Fire Iron bounced off the hard shell. The same shiny black shell covered every inch of the creature. The beetle was surprised by the blow. Stunned momentarily that its meal could put up such a fight. It pulled its massive head to the left and began a crushing sweep to bash me with its horns. I could see the gap between its pincers. I sprinted forward and jumped at just the right moment. Pulling my body into a tight line, the pincers swept above and below me. I rolled as I fell and came up to a kneeling position. The huge beetle was about to sweep back toward me again. I ran under the beetle and chopped it’s foot off with a powerful blow to the joint. It huffed even angrier now. It’s mighty wings opened to fly away, now that victory appeared imminent. I climbed the next leg. I pushed Fire Iron into the rapidly fluttering wings. The fragile wings shredded themselves on the blade. Before the wings could close, I leapt over its back and plunged my sword into the heart of the beast. The sword pierced the thinner shell under the wings and sank all the way to the hilt. The beast struggled with the other wing, but it was no use. It shuddered and gave up the fight, then it laid still. I chopped off the top horn and took it as my trophy to show the folks back home.

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  1. In my opinion, Dancing on a Burning Boat & Hercules Beetle Battle keeps my interest. Both stories are descriptive. In addition, each sentence builds on the last sentence. That in itself keeps me wanting to read more.

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