Meanwhile, People Are Dying

There is no greater criminal than the government. The FDA takes their sweet time to approve various drugs. Meanwhile, people are dying. There are people on their deathbeds, willing to try anything to keep living. Grandparents, adults, kids with rare cancers. These people can’t try experimental drugs, even if they wanted to. What do theyContinue reading “Meanwhile, People Are Dying”

The Dodecahedron of Doom (Onshape Tutorial)

I woke up this morning and thought, “I need a challenge for breakfast.” Because the only thing more tasty than oatmeal, is a challenge. This tutorial is only for the advanced users. I honestly don’t think you can make a dodecahedron in Solidworks without knowing the exact coordinates of each point before hand. When you’reContinue reading “The Dodecahedron of Doom (Onshape Tutorial)”

5 Ways to Make A Cube (Onshape Tutorial)

What’s the big deal about making cubes? It’s about fundamentals. Onshape is chock full of tools. It’s important to be familiar with all of them. If all you have is a nail, everything looks like a hammer. This tutorial is for you, neophyte Onshape user. Everything here is only 6 steps long at most. AtContinue reading “5 Ways to Make A Cube (Onshape Tutorial)”

Tor, Not Just For Criminals Anymore

Tor is a system of encrypting messages from one person to the next. The internet is essentially like sending snail mail. You write a letter to an acquaintance with a request for a package, and they send you the package. We would be freaked out if someone was reading our mail and looking through ourContinue reading “Tor, Not Just For Criminals Anymore”

Stick your finger in the holes (Onshape Tutorial)

Hello beautiful Onshape users. Today I’m going to teach you how to make a bowling ball. If you’re a Fusion 360 user and you’re reading this, switch to Onshape. You can thank me later. A bowling ball is one of those things that doesn’t sound hard until you start trying to make one. You canContinue reading “Stick your finger in the holes (Onshape Tutorial)”

The Mace Called “Reason” (Onshape Tutorial)

If you want to teach someone a lesson, look no further than this mace I made. Want one too? It’s as easy to use reason as it is to create one. The best part? It only requires one sketch. I’ve split it into two sketches for demonstration purposes. Make this sketch. Confirm the sketch whenContinue reading “The Mace Called “Reason” (Onshape Tutorial)”

Whip it good (Onshape Tutorial)

Today I will teach you how to make a whip in Onshape, the most beautiful and glorious of all CAD systems. When I’m done with you, you’ll have one of these to share with your loved one:   Just a disclaimer, this one is quite advanced. It requires almost no dimensions, lots of eyeballing it,Continue reading “Whip it good (Onshape Tutorial)”

Do you want to build a snowman? (Onshape Tutorial)

I am in love with this software called Onshape. I don’t think I’ve ever used software that I love as much as Onshape. I’m overjoyed that it happens to be for CAD and I get to use it on a daily basis. How I love Onshape, let me count the ways: Everything is cloud basedContinue reading “Do you want to build a snowman? (Onshape Tutorial)”

Everything I Learned From the Hunger Games

The Hunger Games trilogy has literally changed my life. I don’t say that lightly. My whole worldview is radically changed since reading them 4 years ago. The lessons I’ve learned have stayed with me until this day Survival is always about more than survival Katniss lives on the verge of death for most her teenContinue reading “Everything I Learned From the Hunger Games”

Why I don’t fear Socialists or National Socialists

As a die hard Capitalist, I’m comforted by the ease and effectiveness of my philosophy. I know many capitalists are worried that socialists taking over, or Nazis taking over. Rest assured, they’ve already taken over. The worst part has already happened. For at least 2500 years we’ve been ruled by the various cruel and wellContinue reading “Why I don’t fear Socialists or National Socialists”

Showdown in Black Oak Village Part 14

“Goodbye, my love” said Gordu. “I’ll be back as soon as my shift is over.” “I await the minute with baited breath, love” said Barta. Gordu kissed her, smacked her bottom, and walked out the door to work. Barta rushed upstairs into the bedroom. She opened the window and looked down. “Is he gone?” askedContinue reading “Showdown in Black Oak Village Part 14”

A Fear of Words, Words, Words

Every year thousands of ambitious wordsmiths are crushed. I’m talking about NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), of course. The biggest online writing-palooza in the world. The rules are very simple: 1. You must write 50,000 words 2. You cannot start sooner than November 1st and you must finish by November 30th. 3. You must beginContinue reading “A Fear of Words, Words, Words”

A Utilitarian Guide to Anarchy

There are two kinds of people: deontologists and utilitarians. Deontologists care about so-called “rights”. While utilitarians care about maximizing a particular metric. Possible metrics include minimize suffering, maximizing human happiness, minimizing human death, etc. Anarchy is probably the best at all three, but particularly at minimizing human death. To start with, you might think about how toContinue reading “A Utilitarian Guide to Anarchy”

Showdown in Black Oak Village Part 13

*Chink* *chink* *chink* As Cuomo ascended the stair case, he emitted an ominous jangling from all the various buckles that draped his tunic and pants. He opened the bedroom door with a load squeal, walked to the man in the bed and said “Charlo Beningtto?” Charlo awoke with a start! His eyes were wide withContinue reading “Showdown in Black Oak Village Part 13”

David Richelson and the Search For the Null Hypothesis

One trait of the Rationality movement that I find admirable, not only do they have the ability to admit when they are wrong, but they actively search for where they are wrong. Most religious people I know are too content with their understanding. They have a hard time imagining that they might be wrong. It’sContinue reading “David Richelson and the Search For the Null Hypothesis”

Looking for meaning in all the wrong places

Every time I hear a love song, I want to replace the word “love” with “meaning”. I’ve come to a conclusion about what a “meaningful life” is. A life has meaning if, and only if, the following condition are met: You are a distinct entity The world is objective and predictable You have the cognitiveContinue reading “Looking for meaning in all the wrong places”

How to Keep Your Fiction Fresh

I’ve encountered a writer’s demon: writer’s block. I’ve taken a break from writing because I succumbed to the feeling of “been there, done that, got the t-shirt”. I lost enthusiasm for writing because I accidentally listened to advice. I read that the best writers have at least 1 of 3 things going for them: theyContinue reading “How to Keep Your Fiction Fresh”

Showdown in Black Oak Village Part 12

Blaka loved fishing at night. It gave him time to think, to be alone with his thoughts. It allowed him to mourn the loss of his wife and children. It allowed him to be angry and bitter at the world. A humble fished poked his head out of the water for an instant as ifContinue reading “Showdown in Black Oak Village Part 12”

Showdown in Black Oak Village Part 11

Baron Izadore donned his coronet. He dreaded these meetings with Fuerzo, but he couldn’t get out of them. What was a Baron to do without a wealthy backer? Oh well, might as well get it over with. He walked into Fuerzo’s lounge. Immediately, he walked to the shiny ornamental tin tobacco pot. He pulled outContinue reading “Showdown in Black Oak Village Part 11”

Showdown in Black Oak Village Part 10

It took them ages, asking locals if they knew where “Redij” was, but at last they found the location. They arrived at a crooked little shack at the farthest end of town. The roof sagged dangerously low. Bruno was reminded of the curved training bows back at the Palace. There was a swinging sign hangingContinue reading “Showdown in Black Oak Village Part 10”

Showdown in Black Oak Village Part 9

The two finally got some shut-eye. They slept for a full night and a full day. They were laying low for a bit. The two people sleeping in the room next door were laying low too, 6 Queen’s feet low. There was a phrase in Black Oak: “Some nights you sleep with Lady Luck, someContinue reading “Showdown in Black Oak Village Part 9”

Showdown in Black Oak Village Part 8

His lower lip began to tremble and his voice grew weak. “Then this man told me that he didn’t care, that it was for the greater good, that they needed to build a road through my farm. I swear, judge, that’s the talk of a La Roca. Only one of La Roca’s men would beContinue reading “Showdown in Black Oak Village Part 8”

The Rights and Utilities of Avengers

In Capitan America Civil War, the Avengers are plagued with a bad case of bureaucrats. I haven’t finished the movie, but at this point, the heroes are given an ultimatum by the UN. Either they can submit to the jurisdiction of the UN, or they have to renounce their vigilante activities. This dilemma has reallyContinue reading “The Rights and Utilities of Avengers”

Showdown in Black Oak Village Part 7

A man with a cursive “R” tattooed on the inside of his lip lurked in the shadows. He overheard the whole conversation that Matar and Bruno just had. He was given instructions in no uncertain terms. If he saw the two, and they weren’t going to the mine, they were to be killed on sight.Continue reading “Showdown in Black Oak Village Part 7”

Showdown in Black Oak Village Part 6

Author’s note: The following was removed from the previous post: The bag over his head was yanked off. Next to him was Matar who also was being un-bagged. He was clothed again. The room was dark and damp. There was a single flickering candle over head which cast menacing shadows. In front of them wasContinue reading “Showdown in Black Oak Village Part 6”

Showdown in Black Oak Village Part 5

“Come here you.” grumbled the brute. He wound up and released a fist at Bruno. Bruno, still stunned, pulled back just in time to miss the deadly knuckle spikes, but not enough to miss the edge of the gauntlet. Suddenly everything went black… “Guhhh, uhhhh” said Bruno tiredly. He had a splitting head ache. HeContinue reading “Showdown in Black Oak Village Part 5”

Showdown in Black Oak Village Part 4

Matar’s grin indicated he was appreciative. But his face turned skeptical again. “You’ve been here this whole time. Why haven’t you taken out Fuerzo La Roca by now?” his face expressed. The man scoffed and shook his head. “It’s not that easy. First of all, I’ve been taking out his henchmen this whole time. Secondly,Continue reading “Showdown in Black Oak Village Part 4”

Showdown in Black Oak Village part 2

Bruno woke up to a sharp rap on his behind from Black Lightning. “Yowch!” “It’s time to get up” said Matar. “Owwww. You could have just shook me.” “I could, but this was more fun.” said Matar. Bruno rubbed his sore rump and grumbled under his breath about being woken up so rudely and wishingContinue reading “Showdown in Black Oak Village part 2”

Showdown in Black Oak Village

“Where are we going again?” asked Bruno. “Do please try to pay attention. It could save your life one day. We’re going to Black Oak Village, and we’re almost there.” said Matar. “Sounds dreadful, Black Oak Village. What business do we have there?” Sighing heavily, Matar rested his hand on his face for a moment.Continue reading “Showdown in Black Oak Village”

Assume they like you (and then they will)

I read this post about dating but I want to extrapolate it further: The idea is that if a girl shows interest in you, you don’t need to stress out about impressing her. She’s already at least a little impressed. The first step is already done. It’s automatic. It’s passive. It’s the culmination ofContinue reading “Assume they like you (and then they will)”

What does rationality look like, anyway?

There’s a great explanation of rationality here: In summary there are 2.5 legs of rationality. The 1.5th leg is called Epistemic Rationality, which is: “What do you know, and how do you know it?”. The 2nd leg is Instrumental Rationality, which is: “How should your behavior reflect your beliefs?”. For example, if you believeContinue reading “What does rationality look like, anyway?”

What’s Faith got to do (got to do) with it?

I was challenged on my stance on faith. I think it came down to a difference of definitions. The two main definitions I’m concerned with are: accepting a belief without evidence, and trust. I have no problem with trust. I think it’s one of the pillars of society. You need to trust Amazon toContinue reading “What’s Faith got to do (got to do) with it?”

Why is there ambiguity in dating? (as explained by Game Theory)

In this clip Aziz describes an event when he made the first move, and got cricket chirps in reply. What happened? In dating, ideally you both love* each other. Sometimes neither person loves each other at all. Often times, one person loves the other but not vice versa. Not loving someone isn’t a problem. BeingContinue reading “Why is there ambiguity in dating? (as explained by Game Theory)”

You shall know the truth, and the truth will set you depressed for a little while

When is ignorance bliss? I tell people I’ve given up watching the news and people give me a “tsk tsk, now you’re ignorant”. My main problem is that I can’t know everything. There is an opportunity cost on the time it takes to learn. Is it better to spend that time watching the news, orContinue reading “You shall know the truth, and the truth will set you depressed for a little while”

I think I’ve changed what I think I’ve changed what I think I’ve changed…

I’ve changed what I think…. I made a bit of a snafu recently. A year ago, I was in a bad mood and I wrote a blog post about how I’m giving up helping people. I elaborated that I would just try to help people in a different way by listening instead of offering advice.Continue reading “I think I’ve changed what I think I’ve changed what I think I’ve changed…”

How to defeat an anarchist (and how to remain undefeated)

I’m going to pop some bubbles with this blog post. The only thing worse than no hope; is false hope. You’re better off not chasing a carrot and running from a stick. It’s best to just go after whomever is holing the carrot and stick. Don’t get me wrong. Chasing is good. Running is good.Continue reading “How to defeat an anarchist (and how to remain undefeated)”

Dissecting Copywriting I’m now going to Perform a delicate dissection of a blog post that I admire, and develop my own formula Plug in my own content Step 1. Fundamental attributes of a good blog post: Headline “Copywriting Tips for a More Effective Landing Page” implies a benefit that the reader is interested in (the payContinue reading “Dissecting Copywriting”

How to think outside the box (by thinking unconventionally)

At work, I’m making a presentation on how to think of new ideas. While doing research, I came across this junk article: It’s very conventional wisdom. If you want to be your idea to be conventional, then I guess this is ok. But who wants to settle for ok? Be phenomenal! There’s a sayingContinue reading “How to think outside the box (by thinking unconventionally)”