What is philosophy

Philosophy is about understanding “X” on a fundamental level. X can be anything from how to live a good life, to the mundane pleasure of of hot sauce. Fundamentally, how do these things work and interact, and fundamentally what should we do about it. If I say, “we should be kind”. That’s pretty poetic. To be philosophical, I should say “In every interaction in day to day life, we should do acts which others will recognize as kind. That would be the philosophy of how to live a good life.
Science is similar in it’s understanding of the fundamental. What most people call science, I would call philosophy of things that were discovered using the scientific method. It’s possible to discover truth through other methods, but the scientific one is one of the best.

One hallmark of philosophy is that it’s actionable. If you understand how bacteria work fundamentally, you know that you can make a soap and use it before each meal. This will help you live a longer healthier life.

The philosophy of cars says “if you don’t put oil in the engine, it will size and you will have to buy a new car”. That’s great on the surface. You can always go deeper. If you understand how oil works and how engines work, you can choose which oil to put in your car.