Why I can’t trust eye witnesses

Watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJG698U2Mvo
Did it catch you off guard? Did you count the throws, or did you notice the gorilla?

If this is the first time you’ve seen this video, I’m guessing you didn’t notice the gorilla. I know I didn’t when I first watched it. I rewound the video because I thought maybe they inserted the gorilla afterwards. I was that convinced that I was right and that I wasn’t tricked. Convinced! Convicted! I had no doubt what so ever.

But I was wrong. And so was everyone else who watched that video for the first time.
People see what they want to see. They don’t notice anything else.

My problem with the Gospels, is that even though they were “eye witnesses”, they could still be wrong. Even if they were really careful. It’s just a bug in the human mind to focus on a limited number of things.