Science is more of an art than science

There’s this clip from a show that I love to to watch called “Rick and Morty.” In this episode, Rick has just dropped a chemical bomb on his town in order to save everyone. Long story short, his scientific invention didn’t go as planned. To dodge responsibility for his shoddy work, he says “Science is more art than science“.
This doesn’t make any sense. I would assume that anybody who said this doesn’t know what science is.
Science is understanding the inner workings and often unseen interactions between different objects. Art is coming up with abstract connections between different objects. If I say, this hamburger is the best thing thats ever happened to me, I don’t mean that literally. I mean that this is experience is comparable to this other experience I’ve had. That is art.
When Jon Snow discovered bacteria, he didn’t say, I guess poor people are meant to die. He said that unsanitary conditions lead to unsafe water, which is what causes people to die. That is science.

Art and science need to be kept separate.