Thanks for stealing from me, jerks

My car was recently totaled and taken to the junk yard. I had to drive down there and pick up my personal belongings that were still in it. Among the missing things were: my beanie, the suction cup mount for my GPS (the GPS was still there), some important papers in the glove box, my deluxe $20 over-ear headphones, and my thumb drive. My other stuff was there, including valuable items.
Why? I don’t know, and I don’t know if I’ll ever know.
But it’s ok. I don’t need luxury. If I can live without them, then i guess I didn’t need them after all.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what we need. It’s too easy to buy things and then find out if we need it. We may think we need it in the moment, but over time, we find out that we don’t. I feel like I’m better off without those things.

At the very worst, I have to buy replacements. On the bright side, this gives me the opportunity of a life time to reinvent myself. I can ask “Is this the kind of thing that I guy like me would have?” My identity is ever evolving, how cool would it be if my items reflected that? In the same way that I need new clothes as I physically grow, I need new items as I mentally grow.