Everything’s Effed (Horay!)



The first distinction to make is: do you mean that everything is currently effed? Or that things are going to be effed?
Assuming you mean that everything is currently effed, that’s great news. I don’t mean to belittle tragedy. Bad things are bad. But, as much as it is a crime to ignore the costs of bad situations, it’s equally criminal to ignore the benefits.
The benefit of things sucking is that you’re now there to make it better. It would be boring to walk into an already successful company and contribute only a little. Honestly, what looks better: bringing sales from $10,000 to $100,000? Or from $90,000? What a waste it would be to inherit success. What a gift it would be to walk into a sh*t storm! That’s the opportunity of a life time. If you can prove your mettle, by trial by fire, well shucks you’re bonefide unstoppable.

If you meant that things are going to be effed coming up in the near future, well so be it. It was bound to be effed eventually, it might as well be effed while we’re around. After all, we’re the best thing that happened to this earth. It’s better to bear the brunt of the suffering for those that can’t bear it so well.

I don’t always think of the bright side, but when I do, It’s because I’m awesome. Stay positive my friends.