Showdown in Black Oak Village Part 13

*Chink* *chink* *chink*
As Cuomo ascended the stair case, he emitted an ominous jangling from all the various buckles that draped his tunic and pants. He opened the bedroom door with a load squeal, walked to the man in the bed and said “Charlo Beningtto?”

Charlo awoke with a start! His eyes were wide with fright. The whites of his eyes made sharp contrast with the black of the night. He trembled as he said “Y-yes?”

“There was a ship that tried to dock earlier today. It was loaded with civilians. It was met with heavy fire and sunk. Is that right?”

“Y-yes that’s right. B-”

“Shhhh.” said Cuomo, silencing poor Charlo with the tip of a bolt to his from his loaded crossbow. “And the cargo was collected and distributed to the Blackwood Freight and Shipping Co., is that right?

“W-well. Yes of course. The management has been on good terms with Baron Izadore, so it seemed only right.”

“And you authorized the destruction of the ship, and the distribution of the goods… because?”

“I was just following orders!”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk… Live free or die, punk.” And with that, he pulled the trigger of his crossbow, piercing the man, suddenly, between the eyes.

*Chink* *chink* *chink* he made his way back down the stairs, out of the house, and walked slowly into the dark of the night.

He was on his way home for the night when suddenly he tripped, and skidded on his shoulder. When he regained his senses he turned around to see that his quiver of bolts and crossbow were scattered behind him. A large looming figure, hiding behind the house where Cuomo tripped, lowered his foot. He emerged from the shadow and stood over the prone Cuomo.

Now it was Cuomo who went wide eyed.

“Ah it’s you! Sheriff! I recognize you from the courthouse! You’re a member of the justice system! You’re ordained by the baron of this land. You’re obligated to uphold the law! You can’t harm me without a trial! Stop! What are you doing with that axe?”

“Radical freedom… punk”. Sheriff dropped the axe on the man’s neck and loosed his head from his body.  And with a small smile, Sheriff sauntered off.

What do you think? Right? Wrong? Pure poppycock?