Why is there ambiguity in dating? (as explained by Game Theory)

In this clip Aziz describes an event when he made the first move, and got cricket chirps in reply. What happened?
In dating, ideally you both love* each other. Sometimes neither person loves each other at all. Often times, one person loves the other but not vice versa.

Not loving someone isn’t a problem. Being the person who loves and doesn’t get love back is terrifying. It’s painful and avoided at all costs.

In a Prisoner’s dilemma, two people decide to co-operate or defect simultaneously (just like Rock-Paper-Scissors). In a long term game, the two players can adjust their strategy based on their opponent’s behavior.

Dating is like a Prisoner’s Dilemma except that it’s turn based (just like chess). If you can stretch the ambiguity out long enough, you can gauge how interested the other person is. If you can make the other person make the first move, then you potentially save yourself the embarrassment of unrequited love.

Bottom line: Avoid pain, make the other person make the first move


*I’m using the word “love”, but I mean it as “like like”.