Trolley problems
There are 4 fundamental trolley problems. I’ll let you go through the link, it should only take 10 minutes tops.
Here’s what I chose:

  1. Don’t pull the lever
    I don’t believe that every life is sacred, however, I don’t try to calculate the number of lives. I wouldn’t pull the lever even if there were 1 million people or 7 billion people on the other side of the tracks. It’s not my place to make that decision. Let the chips fall where they may. I don’t feel morally obligated to act, to save those people, because I didn’t cause the harm in the first place. If I put those people on the tracks, then yes I’d be morally obligated to save them.
  2. Don’t push the man off the bridge if he’s a total stranger,
    same as before, don’t choose between lives.
  3. Push the man if he’s known to be guilty, and
  4. Torture the man if he’s rigged up a bomb.
    I don’t try to calculate the most number of lives. I think lives are uncountable. I don’t believe that we are morally obligated to act, but I do believe that I would act to get sweet justice. It would be worth it to stop the man from killing more people at least.