Here lies David. He knew what he was doing

I have some friends who have already picked out what they want on their tombstone, so I figured I would pick something for myself.

I’ve decided on “Here lies David. He knew what he was doing”

I don’t always know what I’m doing. I’d say 50% of the time, things work out in my favor, but I didn’t plan it that way. I might have set up a few things, but the rest of it turned out better than I could have planned it. I sometimes say “Wow, that turned out better than I could have planned. If I had planned it, it would have turned out much worse”.

Other times I’ll keep quiet. I’ll let people assume that I did it all on purpose.

If I want to be humble, I’ll say “Oh believe me, that wasn’t on purpose. If I actually knew what I was doing I’d be Galactic Emperor by now. But secretly, it’s all part of the plan. This small success is actually bringing me one step closer to Galactic domination.


Primo Sol. Tum Sirius.