I’m handing out megaphones

If I had a daytime talk show, like Oprah, I’d hand out megaphones.
You get a megaphone, and you get a megaphone! EVERYONE GETS A MEGAPHONE!



There was a time when we lived in small villages. If we wanted to be heard, we had to find a time that was convenient for someone else. We had to show up at their door, or hope that we see them. We had to wait for the town storyteller to do their Friday Night shtick. For most of the day, we did backbreaking labor in isolation. People didn’t “talk on the job” because survival for the winter meant working hard all year round. Then once we got home from a long day, we’d be exhausted and fall asleep.

For the first time in history, we have abundant free time. Practically all of our jobs depend on communicating with others. For the most part, most people don’t do back breaking labor and usually not for 80 hours a week. We’ve arrived at a new horizon where we can form individual thoughts and communicate them freely with half the world. We can have a global conversation. Stories are everywhere, and we share them freely.

We don’t live in villages any more and we need to reflect that in our behavior. The people we want to talk to and the people who want to talk to us don’t necessarily live next to us. We probably haven’t met our ideal audience. It’s time to speak up. Start a blog, Instagram, Snap, or Twitter. Here’s a megaphone. Get the word out.