The Only 4 Letter C-word

The only 4 letter c-word is “can’t”. Oh that is a dirty word indeed. That’s the word we use when we feel lazy. When we don’t want to take responsibility for our actions. When we don’t want to test our boundaries. When we don’t know what happens if we succeed. When we don’t know what happens when we fail. When we’re scared. When we’re uncomfortable.

I’ll prove it to you:
I dare you to take a 5 minute shower on full cold. Not lukewarm. Not a little cold. All the way cold. 5 minutes. Full body shower.

If you said “Oh I can’t do that.” Then you are admitting to yourself that you are not ready to become the best version of yourself. It is hard, but it’s not impossible. It is hard, but so what? Work hard then.

Get your shit together and don’t use the “c-word”.