I’m right and I can prove it

I’m right and I can prove it, but I’m not going to. I’m going to let you figure it out for yourself. I’m so confident, that I’ll actually help you in your endeavors, even though I think you’ll regret it. I’ll say, I told you so. Then, I’ll have myself a laugh when you finally figure it out.

You don’t think it’s necessary to be nice to everyone you meet? To the people in the call centers? You think insulting their intelligence and being rude to them is going to make them want to help you? HA! You’re wrong. You’ll figure it out though. In the mean time, I’ll show you who’s an employee in this department. I’ll give you the help desk number. I’ll even pull up a list of insults for you to use. What ever you want. I’ll help you, and then I’ll laugh at you.

You didn’t buy bitcoin when it was $250? It’s $900 now. I’ve made $1,300 by buying low and I’ll sell high. You think that the best bet is with Apple stocks? HA! I’ll help you set up a broker. I’ll help you do the research. I’ll help you set up a ticker on your website. And then I’ll sit back and laugh. Hahahaha!

You want to elect a tyrant to rule the United States? HA! What a mistake. You think a bureaucracy will operate better than a tyrant? HA! What a joke. You think you have a politician who’s going to change things and shake it up? HA! A sucker is born every day. It’s just a matter of time until you find out their scandal and they’ll buckle under social pressure to join the herd, and you’ll be disappointed once again. But hey, just for you, I’ll look up the website where you register to vote. I’ll look up the information for you if you want to run as a politician. I’ll connect you to my other friends who are in politics who can show you the ropes. And then once you’re neck deep, I’ll lean back and laugh and laugh and laugh. Oh what a show! What a hilarious situational comedy you find yourself in.

Eh, finding the truth is a journey. Every story about discovering the truth starts with the character being ignorant and oblivious. I know because I was there. But now I’ve exited the Matrix. I have secret knowledge the world at large doesn’t have.

Besides maybe you’re right and I’m wrong… Who are we kidding? Of course, I’m right.