I only have 10 ideas per day, and only 1 good one

Part of my job at work is coming up with clever solutions to complex problems. We always want our ideas to be elegant, simple, and robust.

Unfortunately, I only get 10 ideas per day. It’s a lot like mining for diamonds. I can mine 10 chunks of ore and then I have to rest for the day. The chances are, I’ll only get 1 diamond in the whole bunch. It’s simply a numbers game.

Most of my ideas are terrible. They would never work. They are either needlessly complicated, absurdly elaborate, or just plain janky.

That’s how I live life. I’ve published 70 posts on this blog alone, and most of them are just mediocre. I enjoyed writing them, but the vast majority of people have been unresponsive. However, I am certain that I have seven of them where people have told me that they were personally impacted by them. They either thought they were funny, or moving, or insightful. That’s worth it. I didn’t write those 7 back to back, it’s just a matter of pounding out the ruff that you get a gem.

I make a lot of what appear to be mistakes in life. I assure you though, it’s all part of the plan. I needed to do those things because, statistically speaking, I’m getting a little closer to doing something right.