I think I’ve changed what I think I’ve changed what I think I’ve changed…

I’ve changed what I think….
I made a bit of a snafu recently. A year ago, I was in a bad mood and I wrote a blog post about how I’m giving up helping people. I elaborated that I would just try to help people in a different way by listening instead of offering advice. But the title was so harsh, that I decided to wait to publish it. I scheduled it to publish in 1 year. That way, if I decided I didn’t like it, I could always delete it before it published.

However I started using a different site for my blog, and I forgot about that post entirely. It published automatically and grabbed the attention of a lot of people. I didn’t feel that the article was too harsh, but what many people noticed was the title, “I’m giving up helping people”. It was ironic that it published the day after I actively helped someone (not just listening). It was totally contrary to the article. Am I a hypocrite?

The unfortunate reality is that a blog post is just a snap shot in time. The blog as a whole, is a slide show of snap shots. I can’t and won’t remain constant in what I think. On top of that, many of my posts are fueled by emotion. I can’t deny how I feel at the time of writing, and sometimes how I feel is an ugly emotion.

I have two rules for blogging that parallel how I live life:
Always Be Writing
Always Be Publishing

Thinking is a luxury. Explaining myself is a luxury. Being consistent is a luxury. Being insightful is a luxury.

I usually don’t have time for those things, but I squeeze them in when I can. It’s inevitable that many of the ideas I present in my blog, conflict. As I evolve as a person, change my mind, change my mood, and change my tone I’ll have different posts from one day to the next.

Two more rules I used for blogging and parallel how I live life:
I reserve the right to misunderstand
I reserve the right to be misunderstood

I must be frugal with my time. Allocating time to make sure I have perfect information and making sure I give perfect information would diminish the quantity of content I have. I don’t have time to spare as it is.

I have to publish compulsively or I won’t publish. I refuse to suffer paralysis by analysis. The worst choice in life is no choice. Even bad choices are better than not making a choice.

The credit belongs to the man in the arena.