What’s the deal with .coffee?

When I started this website, I waffled between super serious and super playful. I wanted it to be inviting so people would want to come to my site. On the other hand, I wanted future employers to look at it and be impressed with my professionalism. I decided to compromise. I would make the website super serious, but i would leave the domain name with something that I love.
Coffee is my fuel. it super charges me to get stuff done. A hot cup of joe will not necessarily focus me, but it does rev my engine. On top of that, it makes me happy. I get noticeably more optimistic. I start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The whole world opens up like a clam for me to pluck the pearl. I can feel the effects wearing off because I get just a tad gloomy. My attention wanders to the horrors of the world. Just for a brief glimpse, it doesn’t linger there. Because I have more coffee!
I wouldn’t say it’s an addiction, but denying the benefits would be ludicrous. It’s a performance enhancing drug. I don’t /need/ it, but it helps tremendously. I would highly recommend that all of you increase your coffee intake. See if it helps you as much as it helps me.