Meanwhile, People Are Dying

There is no greater criminal than the government.
The FDA takes their sweet time to approve various drugs. Meanwhile, people are dying.

There are people on their deathbeds, willing to try anything to keep living. Grandparents, adults, kids with rare cancers. These people can’t try experimental drugs, even if they wanted to. What do they have to lose? This is a clear instance where the government pretends to know what’s best for people, but doesn’t. These particular drugs might be ineffective, or harmful, but these patients are willing to take them. It’s called “Compassionate Use”. Technically you can get Compassionate Use drugs, but first you have to lick the boot of your benevolent government by jumping through hoops and filling out paper work. Meanwhile people are dying.

The drug approval process take 6-10 months. That’s actually pretty good considering everything that goes into it. My question is, why is it mandatory? Why would someone take a drug that hasn’t been evaluated? Maybe it’s because they don’t care? Why do we only have 1 level of evaluation? Why not have 3 levels of FDA scrutiny: Thorough, Standard, and Express? Why not have 10 FDAs that evaluate different products for different attributes? Meanwhile people are dying.

What do you think? Right? Wrong? Pure poppycock?