Resistence is a myth

I read this book called “The War of Art” by this guy. He’s a failed writer trying to give writing advice. I say skip it.

Ultimately, the #1 reason why people don’t write, is because they are afraid of the context. The book “The War of Art” makes up all this woo-woo mysticism about angles and energy and muses. It’s all bunk.

The context that we exist in consists of writing giants: Shakespere, Hemingway, Dickens etc. Who are we to question them? Who are we to even try? Why bother when surely someone else will write it better for us?

Well those people weren’t born giants. They had to work for it too. These people wrote countless novels before they got published. That’s how it works.

Another source of “resistence” is actually just a fear of being judged. Yes that’s a risk you have to take. That’s a risk everyone has to take. Risks are unavoidable though. You can’t live in a bubble. You have to take calculated risks. Don’t just operate as if they don’t exist. Operate as though they are small risks, which they are.