The Mace Called “Reason” (Onshape Tutorial)

If you want to teach someone a lesson, look no further than this mace I made.


Want one too? It’s as easy to use reason as it is to create one. The best part? It only requires one sketch. I’ve split it into two sketches for demonstration purposes.

  1. Make this sketch.
    Remember that it’s ok if your lines don’t terminate on another point. The only thing that matters is the enclosed face. 

    Confirm the sketch when you’re done.

  2. Revolve, select sketch you just made and the appropriate edge to revolve around. Bam! You’re half way done now. It should look like this: Capture
  3. Hide the part. Unhide the previous sketch. Create a new sketch on the Front plane. You can now use the center point of the arc in the new drawing. It should like this:

    Don’t be intimidated! It’s only lines and arcs.
  4. Use the fancy feature of “Circular pattern”. Select all of your lines. Change the instances to 5x. Change the angle to 120°. Click confirm. This doesn’t look right because the center point of the pattern is in the wrong place. Select that center point and the center point of your mace arc and create an incident constraint.
  5. Show the part. Click revolve, then select only the first face and it’s revolve axis. Each revolve feature needs it’s own revolve axis.
  6. When you’re done will all 5 revolves, create a Circular pattern. In the drop down, pick “Feature pattern”. Select the 2nd spike from the top. The axis can be the handle. Use an instance count of 4.
  7. Do a Circular pattern on the 3rd spike (7 instances), 4th spike (10 instances), and 5th spike (7 instances). Completo!


Winning arguments is a cinch now!


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