How to think outside the box (by thinking unconventionally)

At work, I’m making a presentation on how to think of new ideas. While doing research, I came across this junk article:

It’s very conventional wisdom. If you want to be your idea to be conventional, then I guess this is ok. But who wants to settle for ok? Be phenomenal!

There’s a saying in the invention field: “invent a better mousetrap and you’ll have a million friends.” This phrase illustrates how desperately we seek a better way of doing things and how we reward those that put in the effort. However, I have, not once in my entire life, met someone who was interested in mousetraps.

If you want a good idea, it can’t just be something you deeply desire. And it can’t be just something other people deeply desire. It has to be both. That’s the only way. You could make a better mouse trap, but your life will remain mediocre. You could design the “Next Gen USB and Bluetooth enabled Hamster Wheel 2.0” if you’re passionate about hamsters. But if no one else wants it, then it won’t make you wildly successful, only slightly happier with a new toy.

If you want phenomenal results, you have to think phenomenally.