Showdown in Black Oak Village Part 14

“Goodbye, my love” said Gordu. “I’ll be back as soon as my shift is over.”

“I await the minute with baited breath, love” said Barta.

Gordu kissed her, smacked her bottom, and walked out the door to work. Barta rushed upstairs into the bedroom. She opened the window and looked down.

“Is he gone?” asked Franzk.

“Yes he just left. Here let me help you up.” She grabbed his forearm as he climbed in through the window. Wasting no time, Franzk disrobed immediately. Barta tarried just a little, enjoying making the man wait as she showed-off. They crawled under the covers and made sweet love.

Franzk laid back with his hands behind his head. Barta was wrapped around him. She played with his exquisite handlebar mustache, as she often did after they made love.

“Would you cut that out, Barta? It tickles something awful.”

“Oh Franzkie, let me play.”

“No it’s ah- Ow! You pulled too hard! Is this your sign to make me go? Do you have another man hanging out your window?” He jumped out of bed, rifled through his trousers and pulled out a coin purse and threw it to Barta.

Barta caught it. With doe eyes she said, “Oh Franzkie, you wound me! Don’t treat me like that.”

“Why? That’s what this is, isn’t it? And stop calling me Franzkie. I already told you to stop. The other members of the guard make fun of me for it.”

“What’s the matter? Is something wrong at work that you have to hurry back? Are you just starting a fight so you can leave and not feel bad? What’s wrong? Come back to bed hmmm? Let’s talk about it.

“It’s nothing really. Just these two punks walk into town and they get ol’ La Roca’s panties in a bunch. Then La Roca makes all of our lives hell.”

“Oh Honey, I’m sorry to hear that. Maybe there’s something I can do to ease your stress?” She began crawling seductively toward him.

“Nope. Not today. I really do have to get back to work. I’m supposed to be patrolling this area.”

“Oh” said Barta disappointedly.

*Knock* *Knock* *Knock* There was a knock on the front door. Barta threw on a robe and ran down stairs. She opened the door to see a man and a boy on her door step, dressed well in fancy clothes, but scuffed and dusty looking.

“Excuse me, do you know where we can find a man named ‘Redij’?”

“Hmmm can’t say I do. Have a nice day!” She said promptly shutting the door. Except that the door didn’t close fully. The man had stuck his foot in the door.

“I’m sorry, let me ask nicely this time.” said the man. He dropped a brown sack full of noisy jingling coins into her hand. “Where is the man Redij?” he said.

Without hesitating for a moment she replied, “Keep going down the street. Turn right at next intersection. About half way down you’ll see an alley way on your left. Go down there about part way and you’ll see a saggy house with a swinging sign that reads ‘Redij’s Little Magic Shoppe’. Thanks love, have a great day.” And she closed the door with a wink.

Half way up the flight of stairs, it dawned on her that Franzk just mentioned two suspect individuals. She re-entered her bedroom to find Franzk hopping around with one arm in his shirt and one leg in his trousers.

“Honey, those two punks you mentioned earlier. Can you describe them?”

“Yeah.” Franzk grunted absently, “One guy is in his late 50’s. The other is just a brat in his teens.”

What do you think? Right? Wrong? Pure poppycock?