I want a hive mind, and you will too

I used to scoff at Catholics because of their practice of taking communion. I used to joke that they were like the Borg. A sad droll life of drudgery for other lifeless sods.

But since adopting a cute little brain slug, I’ve changed my mind!

I was contemplating why I encourage people to have correct beliefs. Why do I push people to question their most deeply held beliefs? I think there is a huge advantage to them and all of their friends if they believe correct things. I want to help people in my own unique way, this seems to be a good way.

Ultimately, I want to know what is true. How will I know if what people say is true? It should be consistent with everything else, primarily nature. As people adopt more correct beliefs, they’ll find that they agree more and more. Given enough time, eventually, if they both understand nature correctly, they’ll agree completely. Once they agree on reality, they’ll agree on the next steps.