Terrible Team Names

Who designed professional sports teams’ names and mascots? I need to know, because they did a terrible job. They should be hung, shot, and then burned at the stake. A good mascot is an animal which represents some positive trait that a sports team would want. It should be inspirational. It should be intimidating. It should never be another human.

It doesn’t make any more sense to have the Cleveland Indians than to have the New York Jews, California Chinese, or Texas Mexicans. It’s 2019, if your team name is a name for a group of people, it’s time to pick a new team name.

  • Cleveland Browns

  • Cleveland Indians

  • Cincinnati Reds

  • Kansas City Chiefs

  • Washington Redskins

  • Chicago Blackhawks

  • Boston Celtics

  • Montreal Canadiens

  • Atlanta Braves


If your team name is a thing, pick a new team name

  • New York Jets

  • Buffalo Sabres

  • Colorado Avalanche

  • Edmonton Oilers

  • Oklahoma City Thunder

  • San Antonio Spurs

  • Toronto Maple Leafs

  • Dallas Stars

  • Houston Rockets

  • San Antonio Spurs


If your name is a duplicate, pick a new team name

  • San Francisco Giants

  • New York Giants

  • Winnipeg Jets

  • New York Jets

If your team name doesn’t make any sense, pick a new team name

  • Minnesota Wild

  • St. Louis Blues

  • Miami Heat

  • Orlando Magic

  • Utah Jazz


C’mon people, there are so many animals out there, that it blows my mind that someone picked these awful team names.

One thought on “Terrible Team Names

  1. How about naming teams after foods or places? Like the Ontario Onions, or the Alburquerque Billabongs? Oh, of course, and the Poughkeepsie Poptarts, because it would be fun to watch them go up against the Mesa Maccaroons at the next Pastry Bowl. 😁🖐

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