Votes My Goats

I think today is important for something nationally. Something about saluting the flag and patting yourself on the

I’ve heard all sorts of arguments about voting today because of how vitally important it is. *Yawn*. I’m worried that we’re trying to prop up a political system that hinges on the participation of hundreds of thousands of uneducated, self interested individuals, making decisions for people in other places.

“But people died so that you can vote!” I assume they died so that I could also choose not to vote too?

“But some people can’t vote, so we should do it.” Every country bans something. If we did everything that’s banned in other countries, we’d be so busy we wouldn’t have time to do the things that are banned in this country!

A single vote has never changed an election. “But if everyone thought that way, then more people wouldn’t vote!” I know, I don’t think people should vote at all.

“But voting has a measurable effect on your life!” At the end of the day, how different is your day going to be if taxes on cigarettes is 20% or 25%? Meh! You know what else can change your life? Buying a lottery ticket. The more people that buy lottery tickets, the bigger the payout gets. So maybe we should all work together to buy a ticket to make some stranger really wealthy. Maybe a politician will win! Maybe it will be the politician on your team/tribe!

You know what has a measurable effect on your life? Working out, dieting, reading, quitting smoking, being kind to co-workers, smiling at strangers, making a large deposit into your IRA. If you want to build a future that depends on another person’s opinion of the future you can, but it’s safer to take matters into your own hands.

What if instead of voting, you took 20 minutes to write an article trying to persuade other people to your ideas?

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  1. You only needed 20 minutes to write that post? Awesome (although I dont agree with some of it)

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