The Doom Survival Guide, Steps to Living Happy and Healthy With Doom

It’s a fact, you’re going to fail. Now what?

  • You can give up
  • You can do it anyway

You can give up
Failure isn’t just an option, it’s inevitable. It’s completely unavoidable. Why bother? You’d be wasting your resources trying.

You can do it anyway
There is a philosophical thought experiment called the Buridans Ass: a donkey has two perfectly equal meals, equidistant from him, which does he choose? It’s supposed to highlight that if the donkey chooses, it must be from either free will or randomness.
To me it highlights living with the absurd. Refusing to choose between two perfectly good meals will result in the donkey’s death by starvation, which is much worse than choosing the “wrong one”. Any choice is better than no choice.


You’re better off doing it anyway. If you’re about to fail a class, do it anyway. If you’re about to get fired, do a good job anyway. Failure might be inevitable this time, but not every time.