First Change the World, Then Rule It

Legions of people dream of climbing the ladder of influence until they can finally enact their way of life on others. I find this foolish. Politicians are just the pawns, not the players. Playing politics will always leave you resigned to the whims and favors of others.

Humans weren’t meant to live a life of servitude to others, emotional, physical or others. Slavery, flat out, doesn’t work. The slaves don’t put their heart into it. They don’t go above and beyond. Mostly, they put in enough work not to die. Physical slavery is cruel and atrocious, but emotional slavery has it’s own unique pitfalls. Public servants don’t put their heart into it either. Many bureaucrats and politicians skate by. Bureaucrats shuffle papers enough to keep the government running. Politicians trade favors enough not to get voted out of office. Ultimately neither go above and beyond. No politician or bureaucratic stands out for their performance, only their adherence to rules. Public servants race toward mediocrity, normality and safety.

Human health depends on growth. Growth depends on stretching and reaching and pushing the boundaries. Safety is not an option. A rich and full life is derived from opportunities that might fall through. A life of freedom, from slavery and the public, is the only way to get that life.

Don’t get distracted by politics, focus on developing a personal life of freedom. Inspire others with your actions. Change your friends and family, then change the world. Only then will it be worth take up leadership among free people.