Rubes Rooking Rubes

The government is comprised mostly of rubes. However, today I want to talk about rubes being rooked. Hoodwinked. Swindled. Robbed. Prayed upon. Everything dirty liberals accuse capitalists of doing. The government owns the lottery where they redistribute money from people who don’t know how to do math, to themselves. Everyday, poor innocent suckers get tricked into buying lotto tickets, on the false premise that they might be the next recipient of $100M in an attempt to be happy, or as a last ditch effort to get out of poverty.

The reality is that they probably won’t win. I can say that with 99% confidence, which is more than I can say about most things. Even if they win, they never win the full amount. Either they take half, and the other half gets thrown away to taxes, or they take it in installments and the amount gets inflated to worthlessness. It’s been documented that people who win aren’t happier for long. I’d guess that a big sum of money won’t save you from debt since it’s habits that lead to debt, not usually one time events. What makes it so vile is that they purposefully obfuscate the probability of winning. People cannot make informed decisions without relevant information.

If McDonalds is so evil for not displaying calories in their food, then certainly the government is evil for not adequately portraying the astronomically low probability of winning.

Or maybe I’m wrong. Maybe people are satisfied with making decisions based on sufficient information. Maybe they feel calories and low probability of winning isn’t relevant information. Maybe that’s a decision we need to make personally, and not for other people.

What do you think? Right? Wrong? Pure poppycock?