Satisfaction vs Happiness, Stoicism vs Hedonism, Journey vs Destination

I’ve noticed a connection between these six items: Satisfaction vs Happiness, Stoicism vs Hedonism, Journey vs Destination.
Many people are against “Happiness” they say that it is for suckers who want cheap thrills. These “Happiness seekers” have lavish parties, wear expensive jewelry, and drive expensive cars. It occurred to me that the people who say these things are modern day Stoics. They care about keeping an even keel through highs and lows. Not pursuing either, just staying level. Their main concern with Hedonists, is that Happiness isn’t everything. Sometimes you need sadness and anger and all the other emotions.
As a Hedonist, this outrages me! Ugh! I would never stoop so low as to want lavish parties and expensive jewelry. I only want simple pleasures. Give me a night out with the boys any day and that will make me happy. I 3D printed my jewelry, and it’s much more meaningful to me. It’s not about the price tag, it’s about how much happiness I get from it. Happiness isn’t everything, but it SHOULD be the goal. I worry about people who’s goal it is to be sad. How weird are you?

Then I realized the connection. Happiness is the destination and satisfaction is the journey. Life should be heard, but it should also be happy. You shouldn’t want to inherit all of your wealth, but you should want to be wealthy. You should work for it, and you should want it to pay off.