Are you a Work Horse or a Show Horse? (or a talking horse?)

I worked at Chrysler for a year and a half and met all sorts of people. There were a couple who actually loved their job, loved cars, and loved Chrysler. Those people were the best to work with. Their attitude was an impenetrable shield against management’s constant blows. If management said to scrap the design with chrome plating (which is rust proof) because it didn’t look good, they would do it with a smile. For them, that was just part of life. What was one more calculation between engineers? I call these people Work Horses. The work wasn’t glorious, but rewarding in it’s own right.
Opposing them was the Show Horses. Show Horses are traditionally management, but not exclusively. These people were more concerned about looking like they were doing work, than actually doing work. You’ll find them having lunch with the bosses, while everyone else was working through lunch. Their daily agendas were filled with meetings, conference calls, and webinars. Did it get them promoted? Probably less often than it looks like, but still more than everyone would like. Does it matter? Not a lick. Fortune and fame will follow sheer talent.

Rules for being a Work Horse:

  1. Find work that pleases you
  2. Focus on work and work alone.
  3. Make your work the best in the office
  4. Don’t worry about who’s getting promoted and who’s having lunch with whom.