I’m on obamacare (Thanks Obama)

I’m slightly embarrassed to say that I’m on Obamacare.
Full disclosure, I still don’t understand Obamacare or healthcare in general. Even though I’ve heard the explanation several times, I’m still surprised when I have to pay out of pocket.

I was recently asked what I thought of Obamacare. The extent of my knowledge is that I get a special rate on my health insurance, and that the price is artificially lowered through subsidies (paid for by tax payers).
As someone who believes that subsidies are inherently bad, and that taxation is essentially theft, why would I get Obamacare?
I’m on Obamacare because of the cards I’ve played. I take full responsibility. I had this spectacular job opportunity and I took it. Consequences be damned! The price I was willing to pay for this awesome job is that I am now going against what I think is philosophically best. Isn’t that inconsistent? Doesn’t that indicate a lack of integrity?

Here’s why it’s not inconsistent:

  • I make it a point to clarify that I don’t shame anyone for taking subsidies. I wouldn’t recommend it, but I would never use guilt or shame. It is impossible to avoid using government subsidized goods and services. I can’t drive to work without using roads, and I can’t use a laptop that didn’t pass safety regulations. It would be inconsistent if I didn’t shame people for buying $1.50/gal Ethanol, Michigan sugar beets, and utilities at their house, but shamed them for getting Obamacare. Subsidies are impossible to avoid.
  • I believe we can be free in ways that do not require government. Living in indifference to government policy gives us the breathing room to focus on what’s important, namely self fulfillment. It’s mostly irrelevant what health insurance I have as long as I am vibrant and excited about life.
  • I would never ask someone to give their life for the “cause of liberty”. That’s a personal choice they can make. I personally wouldn’t give my life. I value being alive too much to risk going without health insurance.


This philosophy of “Live to the fullest; disregard politics” has worked tremendously for me. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.