A non-choice is a choice too (how many stripes do you see?)

I want to start this blog post with an illustration (above).

How many stripes are there? If you said 2, you’d be wrong. The correct answer is 3. Two are black, one is white. Even thought it looks like the background, it is part of the image too.

Sometimes we think we can avoid making bad decisions, by not making them. If only this were so. The reality is that we are making decisions constantly.
For example, in the morning, I have to decide what to wear to work. I’ve stood there for several minutes contemplating if the blue shirt I’m holding is too wrinkly and if my green shirt is going to clash with my blue pants. Unfortunately, standing there holding shirts, is a choice as well.

Everything we do is a choice. We choose to get up in the morning, and we choose to sleep at night. Even though those actions feel automatic, choosing to do nothing about them is a choice.