Who are you trying to seduce with your philosophy?

In the book Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, Harry Potter is a boy genius akin to Ender Wiggen. Draco Malfo is similarly genius, but also an open racist against wizards who didn’t have wizard parents. This is a big distinguishing factor for many wizards in the same way that white supremacists are racists against people who don’t have white parents. When the two geniuses meet, they both identify each other as highly valuable individuals if they can convince the other to join their side. Harry would love to have the son of the most out spoken racist and owner of the print media. Draco would love to have the boy who lived, the one who was a victim of Voldemort, to become a supporter. It would devastate everyone who attempted to protect him.
Both Harry and Draco are highly confident in what they believe. Throughout the book they engage in a delicate dance of friendship and betrayal to win the other. Not only is this highly entertaining to read about, it’s also fascinating to watch one person “lose” as they switch sides.

My question for you is:

  1. What idea are you confident about?
  2. Who can you try to convince?

This is a fun challenge! You might even have to change what you believe in the process.