Why I Love Hip Hop

I heard this bit of wisdom: the reason we watch movies is to get more of the feelings we want (and don’t get enough of on a regular basis). The same is true of music.

  • There’s almost always an underdog story.

Back in the day, we had people like Carnegie and Ford to look up to. They had humble beginnings and they rose to the top. It’s very inspiring! Now who do we have? I have 50 cent and Ludacris. The “rags to riches” story is cliche but I love it.

  • They emphasize hard work

A great multitude of the songs are about hard work. It’s not about mushy love. It’s about not giving up.

  • They’re about being successful

What do you have to aspire to? I, for one, am not working harder just so I can afford name brand tooth paste. I’m doing this so I can afford a Tesla. I want steak dinners and $500 watches. It’s not about the money or status for me. It’s about feeling like the hard work paid off.

  • The songs emanate bravado

Caring about what other people think can only get you so far in life. There’s a time and place for it. There’s also a time not to care. The problem with pop love songs is that they’re all about “What does he/she think of me?” It’s refreshing relief to stop caring.

  • They are anti-establishment

I don’t hear any pop songs discussing the bill of rights, but I do in hip-hop.

What do you think? Right? Wrong? Pure poppycock?