Have Mercy on Trump Supporters

Everyone is wrong about something. I have never met someone who was right about everything. It’s just too easy to be wrong. I know there is a lot of outrage right now at people who voted for trump. It’s unfortunate that anybody voted. Racist bigots suck. But not all trump supporters are racist bigots.

Some people are racist because they haven’t thought critically about why they believe what they believe. That’s the easiest and most common thing for people to do.
Sometimes it’s caused by a lack of information, but it’s more likely that people are willfully ignorant. It would be a huge burden on them to think of why they are wrong, and usually a small benefit for them. Friends and family would ostracize them. That’s a big deal for most people. You are so talented for having figured it out. Seriously! That’s an accomplishment. Now you should share that gift. Not shove it down people’s throats. No one has ever been convinced because they lost a “yeah huh, nuh uh” war. Even once they’ve been exposed to all of the necessary and relevant information, it takes time for it to sink in.

I like to remind my friends that “no one is born an anarchist”, since everyone is raised with a political ideology handed to them from birth. Everyone has to think through the concepts for themselves and embrace them of their own free will. The same applies to Liberals and Conservatives. If you had to adopt your ideology, certainly other people have to, too. If you could go back in time, you wouldn’t chastise yourself for not adopting the ideas sooner. It’s all part of the journey. I’m confident that we’ll all figure it out eventually. It’s just a matter of time, exposure, and effort.

Racist bigots, were probably born that way. Forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.