You Are The Barbarian, Not Them

If you can’t discuss something civilly, you are the barbarian, not them. I understand that you’re passionate. I understand, than you don’t think they understand, and they probably don’t. All the more reason to be civil about it. From an outside perspective, all I can see is you screaming, shouting, and crying. If I didContinue reading “You Are The Barbarian, Not Them”

Don’t give up, we’re just getting started.

Everyone has a part to play in the revolution. No one is exempt. This is a full contact spectator sport. There are no “civilians” or “Non-combatants”. Telling yourself that you have chosen to not participate, is a form of participation. This is highlighted in the book trilogy the Hunger Games. Katniss leads the revolution, butContinue reading “Don’t give up, we’re just getting started.”

Have Mercy on Trump Supporters

Everyone is wrong about something. I have never met someone who was right about everything. It’s just too easy to be wrong. I know there is a lot of outrage right now at people who voted for trump. It’s unfortunate that anybody voted. Racist bigots suck. But not all trump supporters are racist bigots. SomeContinue reading “Have Mercy on Trump Supporters”