How to actually change the world in three steps

The three steps, in the following order: Be exceptionally awesome. Being exceptionally awesome will make others uncomfortable. This in turn, will make you uncomfortable. The truth is, is that it’s lonely at the top. If you want to be “accepted” by the herd, you have to accept their standards. But if you’re like me, thoseContinue reading “How to actually change the world in three steps”

Why is external motivation so powerful?

I’ve often wondered, why is external motivation so powerful? Certainly it would be nice if we were purely powered by our own desire for success. I know from personal experience that I would only be half as successful if not for my community. The two examples that come to mind are writing and working out. IContinue reading “Why is external motivation so powerful?”

The Grasshopper and the Ant – retold

In a field one Spring day, a grasshopper was planting seeds for Summer. It was a happy grasshopper. It kept a song humming all day long. The work wasn’t very engaging, but it didn’t need to be. Along came an ant. The ant said to the grasshopper, “Why don’t you join me? We are about toContinue reading “The Grasshopper and the Ant – retold”

Don’t give up, we’re just getting started.

Everyone has a part to play in the revolution. No one is exempt. This is a full contact spectator sport. There are no “civilians” or “Non-combatants”. Telling yourself that you have chosen to not participate, is a form of participation. This is highlighted in the book trilogy the Hunger Games. Katniss leads the revolution, butContinue reading “Don’t give up, we’re just getting started.”

Cringing, crying, and laughing for my past self

When I was in high school, I took 2 years of video production. I loved every minute of it. I finally had an outlet for all of my crazy ideas. The empowerment that comes from expression has a huge positive impact on my self esteem. I probably published about 15 short films in the courseContinue reading “Cringing, crying, and laughing for my past self”

The killer App that my life revolves around

There’s one app that my life depends on. No, it’s not Pokemon Go. It’s my alarm clock. I’ve noticed that everybody wants to look successful, but no one wants to be successful. It’s lonely at the top. Everyone downloads the app that works for everyone else. The only technique that they know is mimicry. IfContinue reading “The killer App that my life revolves around”