How to actually change the world in three steps

The three steps, in the following order: Be exceptionally awesome. Being exceptionally awesome will make others uncomfortable. This in turn, will make you uncomfortable. The truth is, is that it’s lonely at the top. If you want to be “accepted” by the herd, you have to accept their standards. But if you’re like me, thoseContinue reading “How to actually change the world in three steps”

How the fear of failure ensured that I failed

I recently started my second month of Praxis. I’ve been watching the other participants through the first month. Their life stories blew me away. I shouldn’t have been surprised to see many of them drop 1000 word essays as their first blog post on day 1 of month 2. I doubly shouldn’t have been surprisedContinue reading “How the fear of failure ensured that I failed”

What if we worked as hard as med students?

I’ve noticed how knowledgeable doctors are. How did they get that way? They study their butts off in med school. They work insanely hard for 8 years. Once they’re done, they have a high paying job waiting for them. Why don’t most people see results like that? 3 reasons: Most people aren’t willing to putContinue reading “What if we worked as hard as med students?”

Sign on the dotted line forever

What does commitment mean? There’s 2 kinds of commitment. The first kind is just words. The second kind is “stake” or wager. The first kind is where you sign on the dotted line. This is the easy kind. Talk is cheap as they say. Humans are pretty bad about understanding consequences and accurately foreseeing theContinue reading “Sign on the dotted line forever”

What does libertarianism got to do with entrepreneurship?

When I tell people I want to change the world, they say “That’s great, but how?” Here’s the answer: Product Design. I’ll admit, it’s a bit of a stretch. Here’s how I think about it. My goal is to change the world by filling it with libertarians. One approach is to spend hours upon hoursContinue reading “What does libertarianism got to do with entrepreneurship?”